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A New Paradigm and a Revolution in Response



Now there is an resource base that is always and immediately available. Costs currently paid that result in vendor income and would normally be profit and dividends for employees and investors, now result in additional funding available to the Foundation to increase its asset base, its capability and efficiency. This is available because of the purchasing power of a tax exempt organization, the tax savings of a tax exempt organization and the reduced operational cost.


Available at no additional cost  what-so-ever!

Indeed, a savings of between $10-20 million dollars that can be used elsewhere in the Federal Budget basis.


A Continually Increasing Asset Base


Returning all profits back to the Foundation to enhance and increase response assets, R&D new and improved  techniques, and increase training to allow for a more capable responsive.


An Immediately Available Transportation Platform


No more request or procurement delays caused by availability or configuration. This  transportation platform is configured and can be  airborne in 5 hours.


Multi-configuration Capability


Each aircraft can be configured to multi-functional rolls with a number of configurations to include cargo only, passenger & cargo, cargo& litters, and/or passenger and litters. Re-configuration can take place in just three hours with the capability to make adjustments to meet disaster specific missions.


A One Movement Response Evolution


With additional response caches co-located with the aircraft, allowing traditional regional caches to remain in their own regions,  the transport of responders and equipment in one movement on one aircraft to one location creates a more reliable and efficient movement.


Self Contained Off-loading


Onboard off-loading equipment which eliminates the requirement for ground support equipment at the disaster site.


Defined Operational Base for Training and Logistics

and Launch Capability


Defined operational base locations which eliminate inclement weather as a launch factor. Extensive ongoing training and maintenance program for first responders and medical handlers.

Streamlined, cost effective, logical use of assets.  Welcome to the new paradigm in disaster response.


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